Jonathan Arcangel 

About Jonathan:

Jonathan Arcangel is a musician from the Hudson Valley. He is currently studying Jazz Performance at the University of North Texas. During his senior year at Cornwall Central High School, Arcangel was selected to be the 1st tenor saxophone of the NAfME All-National Honor Jazz Ensemble. Additionally, Arcangel was declared the winner of the North American Saxophone Alliance 2022 High School Jazz Competition. He has performed with numerous ensembles, including various All-State and National ensembles. An avid composer and arranger, Jonathan Arcangel strives to create authentic and thought-provoking music that has a deep emotional and spiritual impact on the listener. Arcangel has worked with many stellar musicians, including Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Steve Wilson, Michael Philip Mossman, Ken Ebo, Pete Malinverni, Adam Larson, Andrew Gould, Geoff Vidal, and Rich DeRosa. 

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Music Library:

After You've Gone-Sample.pdf

After You've Gone (Big Band) By Turner Layton and Henry Creamer, Arranged by Jonathan Arcangel (Digital File) 

Jonathan Arcangel's arrangement of Layton and Creamer's classic tune, "After You've Gone", is the perfect addition to any modern big band arsenal. Beginning with a clever play on the melody, the saxophones launch the band into the melody, sung by the trumpets, which is adorned by some sick jabs from the bones. After a short interlude, the full band carries a weaving unison line through the changes, which is sure to turn heads. A tenor or trumpet soloist drives the band into the solo section with a 4-bar solo break. The soloist is accompanied by gorgeous background figures that move around the whole band, which provide significant communicative development. The last soloist takes the band into a tutti section which traverses the tune with rich harmony. After a swinging and challenging sax soli, the drummer launches the band into the head out. Trombone and alto soloists aid the melody's conclusion, and then the band comes in with a clever outro, utilizing a cool tag on the melody. This chart is a modern take on a beautiful classic. Lead Trumpet goes up to G.

Price: $54.99

Hooligan Ned Encounters the Wizard-Sample.pdf

Hooligan Ned Encounters the Wizard (Big Band) By Jonathan Arcangel (Digital File)

"Hooligan Ned" is a serious chart with a mysteriously humorous name. If you want a strong chart that still sounds very fun, this is the chart for you. Always a blast to be a part of, "Hooligan Ned" introduces the chart's motifs in the intro, and then kicks into an up-tempo harmonized sax-section melody, with some slick trumpet licks in the background. The band passes around the melody, switching between major and minor tonalities, before jumping into a solo section with a 4-bar break on every chorus. The last soloist soars over the huge shout section, after which the band ventures somewhere new. In its epic conclusion, "Hooligan Ned" ends on a brass fanfare with the band roaring beneath. You can't beat it. Lead Trumpet goes up to E.

Price: $49.99

Looking For The Moon-Sample.pdf

Looking For The Moon (Big Band) By Jonathan Arcangel (Digital File)

Arcangel's fast-paced and ethereal composition, "Looking For The Moon," based on the jazz standard "How High The Moon," explores the relationships between different key centers and rhythmic motifs, while still honoring Big Band tradition. Especially challenging for the saxophone section, this chart is a good choice for any intermediate to advanced level ensemble. Lead Trumpet goes up to D

Price: $47.99