Vincent Miravella 

About Vincent:

Vincent Andre Miravella (b. 2003) is a Venezuelan-American pianist, clarinetist, composer, and arranger who seeks to share his passion for music with the world, be it via performance, composition, or education. He currently studies as a music education major at the University of North Texas (UNT). Vincent's compositions see inspiration from a wide variety of styles from different cultures and time periods, but are particularly influenced by his Hispanic roots and/or his deep interest in video game soundtracks. 

Music Library:


Xenogenesis (Marching/Pep Band) by TheFatRat, Arranged by Vincent Miravella (Digital File)

Xenogenesis - Arrangement of TheFatRat's "Xenogenesis" (a.k.a. "Outro Song") for marching band, originally arranged for the University of North Texas Green Brigade. 

Price: $35

Xenogenesis - Vince Miravella.mp3

Velocity (Clarinet Quartet) by Vincent Miravella (Digital File)

Notes from Composer:

In late February 2023, I had the opportunity to speak to bass clarinetist Andrew Platz about possibly performing in a chamber group with him. After a bit of figuring out details, we decided to form a quartet within Professor Daryl Coad's clarinet studio, and I volunteered to write a piece.

Andrew specifically requested a bass clarinet line "in the stratosphere," so I obliged by starting the piece of with a bass clarinet solo, with the three Bb clarinets acting as accompaniment. The solo acts as a precursor to the whole piece itself, which is called "Velocity" for three reasons: 1) The piece itself is about quickness and motion, having an almost cartoon chase scene feel in certain parts. 2) The piece is marked to be played at around quarter note equals 184, with sixteenth note runs and quick ornaments littered throughout the piece. 3) It was written in about 2 hours that I spent at the computer, writing away, quite inspired and excited for this opportunity. 

Price: $25