Ryan Fillinger 

About Ryan:

Ryan Fillinger (b. 2001) is an Oregon-born composer of wind ensemble, orchestral, and chamber music. His works fuse styles of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Century with modern contemporary techniques. Ryan currently studies as a composition major at the University of North Texas (UNT) under acclaimed composers and faculty such as Dr. Sungji Hong and Dr. Joseph Klein, and film composer Bruce Broughton. Ryan was named a finalist in the ASCAP 2022 Morton Gould Young Composer Awards, as well as the second-place winner of the Florida Bandmasters Association 2021 Young Composers Competition. He has worked with various musicians and ensembles at UNT including the Wind Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, the Concert Orchestra and chamber groups such as the Quasar Trombone Quartet and the Lotus Saxophone Quartet. 

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Music Library:


Volatile (Saxophone Quartet) By Ryan Fillinger (Digital File)

volatile /vol • uh • tl/


1. tending or threatening to break out into open violence; explosive:

2. changeable; mercurial; flighty 


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Volatile - Ryan Fillinger-Palotay.mp3

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Fanfare for the Righteous (Trombone Quartet) By Ryan Fillinger (Digital File)

Notes from Composer:

During the late fall of 2021, I was approached by Connor Altagen, a trombonist in the Quasar Quartet, who asked me if I'd compose a piece for their spring recital in 2022. An homage to the University of North Texas, the recital sought to showcase works by UNT composers and new music for the Trombone. I gladly took up the offer, though quickly realized I'd never written a Trombone quartet, so I'd have to experiment. While it seemed cliché, my first instinct was to write a fanfare; something flashy, impressive, and energetic. For inspiration, I studied some works of the great John Williams. Williams is especially known for his bright, triumphant fanfares, so borrowing a bit of his technique seemed appropriate enough. In particular, influences from the original Superman theme and "The Flight to Neverland" from Hook can be heard throughout. The feeling of this style of music, and the overall nature of the Trombone, seemed self-described as righteous. Thus, the title Fanfare for the Righteous was born. 

The best qualities in us as people are defined by righteousness: excellence, confidence, and heroism. From a more precise perspective, righteousness can also define a strong friendship: nobility, trust, and honor. These two characters are the makeup of the piece, represented by two contrasting themes tied together by acrobatic fanfares and piercing ostinatos. 


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Score PDF

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