Teagan Serink

About Teagan:

As a composer, Teagan Serink is unafraid to recolor the world with unabashed, childlike wonder (a trait likely the result of repeated exposure to mountain winds). Her music journey began in middle school choir and orchestra, where she discovered her love of composing and arranging by transcribing movie soundtracks for her classmates. Her composition work explores the topics of mental health, neurodiversity, and humanity's connection to nature. As an arranger, she aims to provide avenues for people to connect by sharing their favorite stories. Teagan is currently studying music composition at the University of North Texas. Outside of school, you may find her observing the local herpetofauna or photographing the sprouts that come up between the cobblestones. 

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Music Library:

SAMPLE the menagerie.pdf

The Menagerie, Four Miniatures for String Orchestra and Lever Harp by Teagan Serink (Digital File)

Take a journey into the jungle with this set of miniatures for string orchestra! “The Menagerie” introduces the listener to four different species of snake in an accessible, not-scary way. Become acquainted with the shimmery harmonies of the green tree python, the dance of the common boa's homeland, the agile melody of the beauty snake, and the gentle sound bath of the reticulated python. This piece is written for late-intermediate level string orchestra, and also prominently features a lever harp. 

Price: $44.99

SAMPLE strange bird.pdf

Strange Bird (Two-Part Treble Choir and Piano) By Teagan Serink (Digital File)

Strange Bird” celebrates uniqueness and “strangeness” with a simple, memorable tune. Mellow verses present chances to explore sensitivity and storytelling, and a soaring climax empowers singers to spread their wings. This piece is accessible to early-intermediate middle- and high-school treble choirs, and provides opportunities for fledgling singers to build confidence in their voices. 

Price: $34.99

Copy of strange bird reading clip - Teagan Serink.wav