Sean DeCoursey

About Sean:

Sean DeCoursey (b. 2004) is a musician from Chicago currently studying at the University of North Texas. Music has been a facet of his life from a young age, studying music for nearly 15 years and counting. DeCoursey was selected for the All-Illinois jazz bands on trombone for 3 years, being deemed the top trombone soloist in the Chicagoland area as a 14 year old. His senior year, he helped his jazz band win Grand Champions at the Mundelein Jazz Festival, boasting an outstanding soloist award for the festival on top of the bands all-around success. DeCoursey has had the pleasure of sharing a stage with modern jazz greats such as Kris Berg, Tom Garling, Rich DeRosa, Nick Finzer, Michael Dease, Andre Hayward, Scott Burns, and fellow UNT students that are soon to be making headlines within the jazz community. On top of his instrumental accomplishments, DeCoursey has had multiple compositions of his performed, both within the jazz and classical idiom. His musicianship creates a vehicle for expression and love for himself and the people he influences.

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Music Library:

A Fuller's Blues-sample.pdf

A Fuller's Blues (Big Band) By Sean DeCoursey (Digital File)

Need a blues to bring home your jazz show? This Sean DeCoursey original was first featured on his second album 'To Whom It May Concern' and can now be played by your big band! This chart features your Baritone Saxophone Player and your solo chair Trombonist, as well as a couple choruses of trading between a Sax Soli and your Trombone soloist. This chart also gives your lead trumpeter a G6 in tandem with your bass trombone playing an F1 on the very last note, giving your band the beautiful contrast of high and low to round out your set. Embrace your inner be-bop and let your soloists shine for this simplistic blues that is sure to leave your crowd satisfied.

Solo order is recommended to be Bari first, Trombone second, as those two have chord changes before and after the solo section that are meant to flow in and out of the solo section. See the score for reference. If changes are to be made to your selected soloist, make sure the chord changes before and after the solo section are accounted for. Backgrounds are to be played for the last chorus of both soloists within the repeats, however that can be altered however you'd like! 

Price: $24.99

A Fuller's Blues - Sean DeCoursey.mp3
Grove's Groove-Sample.pdf

Grove's Groove (Big Band) By Steve Davis,  Arranged by Sean DeCoursey (Digital File)

Sean DeCoursey's arrangement of "Grove's Groove" by the great trombonist, Steve Davis, is a medium swing great for the opening of a big band show. Starting with a lowkey rhythm section vamp with some floating saxophone backgrounds, the tune ramps up into a big solo section before featuring the saxophone section with a two chorus soli before taking the head out. The final statement of the tune ends on the VI chord of the minor key, offering a sense of wonder to the audience.

This arrangement has chord changes in the 2nd trombone part and the 1st tenor part. 

Price: $29.99

Grove's Groove - Sean DeCoursey.mp3
Yardbird Suite-Sample.pdf

Yardbird Suite (Big Band) By Charlie Parker, Arranged by Sean DeCoursey (Digital File)

Sean DeCoursey's arrangement of "Yardbird Suite" by the great Charlie Parker suits any swing band with a be-bop classic. The chart is a great feature for the saxophone section, using a blocked melody to thicken the section sound before reaching a soli with brass hits and lines throughout to supplement the shredding in the front row of the ensemble. Following the solo section, the brass is given their time to shine with a unison soli leading back into the final statement given by the saxophone section. The final measures of the tune features an intense quartal voicing, leading into a chord upheld by the entire ensemble. This arrangement is one to have in your library for your band to play!

Price: $34.99